London City Trading

Finding a professional mentor and educator can be daunting when it comes to learning Forex. With so many people on the internet claiming to be professional Forex traders, it can be challenging to know whom to trust. That's where London City Trading comes in.

We specialise in trading the Forex Market using Price Action and do not trade other asset classes. This is because a specific way of trading the Forex market requires a unique set of skills and knowledge. We teach our students how to trade Forex safely and effectively to achieve their goal of becoming consistently profitable traders.

London City Trading has students from all over the world. Our education and support community provides an ideal platform for experienced traders and beginners. Whether you're looking to share and receive analysis or simply see inside the mind of a professional trader, our community has something for everyone.

We've established ourselves as market leaders by providing our community members with excellent support, guidance, and mentorship. As a result, London City Trading has been making waves in the Forex industry since our inception, and we're committed to redefining Forex education. Above all, our focus is on teaching our students in the LIVE market through real-time analysis of how to trade the Forex market safely and profitably.